How To Apply For Unemployment In Alaska

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development administers all unemployment claims and payments for the state. With seasonal work common and the remote nature of the state’s work force, it is recommended that you file promptly after your employment has ended. Volume is high, but the state system is one of the more efficient in the US.

In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits, you need to register online at and set up an account. You’ll need to provide your name, social security number, current address, telephone number and employment history, including dates and wage amounts. You can file by phone, but only if your area has limited broadband service. Use the following links:

You’ll also need a valid email address to create your online account because you’ll be asked to verify your identity via a system-generated link that will be emailed to you. If you have any difficulties, call the Unemployment Insurance Claim Center at 907-269-4700.

“Unemployment without Fault” Guidelines

In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in the state of Alaska, you must be classified as “unemployed without fault.” Voluntarily leaving a job or being dismissed for misconduct may make you ineligible for unemployment compensation benefits. You also must be available and able to take on new work if offered during the unemployment period.

Refusal of work while unemployed may disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits, unless you can show compelling reason why you refused. Each claim is reviewed by a tribunal. Special circumstances, such as injuries, health issues, or pregnancy, are taken into account.

Payments and Bi-Weekly Certifications

Once you’ve set up your online account and been determined eligible under “unemployment without fault” guidelines, you can receive payments by direct deposit to your personal checking or savings account. You then need to file a bi-weekly certification to continue receiving payments. You can do this using the following steps:

  • Log into
  • Click “Services for Individuals”
  • Go to “Unemployment Insurance Benefits”

Answer all questions on the screen. You’ll have to re-verify your personal information (address, phone, etc.) each time you do this, so make sure you complete all steps to ensure your payments are not interrupted. You’ll also be asked if you’re looking for work or have received any offers to take a new job or return to your old one.

Work Search Requirements in Alaska

Due to seasonal work, the unemployment rate in Alaska was 6.2% last year, so the state is very strict about their work search requirements. If you’re collecting unemployment benefits, you’re expected to look for work. Each bi-weekly certification will ask you to provide:

  • Names of employers contacted
  • Dates those contacts were made
  • Contact method (email, phone, in-person)
  • Employers Contact Info (for verification)

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (ADWLD) also offers grants for those seeking to do additional job training and displaced workers. You can learn more about these programs by visiting the Alaska Job Centers page on the main ADLWD website. You can also call the toll-free help line at 877-724-2539.

Alaska Unemployment Insurance Program

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