How To Apply For Unemployment In Arizona

Unemployment claims in Arizona are handled by the Arizona Department of Economic Security. You can apply for benefits online, by phone, or by visiting one of their local offices. To be eligible, you’ll need to provide your social security number, Arizona Driver’s License or state ID, mailing address including county, and work history for the past eighteen months.

All applicants for unemployment benefits are also required to submit contact information for their most recent employer to verify unemployment status. Use the following links:

What to Expect during the Application Process

During the online application process, if there are any eligibility issues, you’ll receive instant notification by pop-up window, then a UB-436 form in the mail to assist you with resolution of the issue. Your application will be complete when you receive a confirmation number. Once application is complete, you’ll receive the following documents in the mail:

For fastest results, it is recommended that you go with the online filing option, as wait times on the phone can be extensive. If you need to file by phone and get a busy signal, try again a little later or you can visit a One-Stop Center or DES Employment Service Office.

Special Circumstance Requirements

If you are a legal alien, separating from the military, or a member of a local labor union, there are additional documents required to file for unemployment benefits. Please make sure you have the following before initiating your claim:

  • Legal aliens need to provide Alien Registration Number
  • Military personnel need to provide DD Form 214
  • Union members must provide name and local number of union hall

The Process After the Initial Claim

Once you’ve submitted your application for unemployment benefits, there are some additional steps you need to take in order to start collecting and continue to receive payments from the Arizona Department of Economic Security:

  1. Complete and return Form UB-99Y (Certificate of Understanding)
  2. Register with the Arizona Employment Services Office
  3. File Weekly Claims to prove unemployment eligibility

You must complete all three steps above before you can receive any unemployment payments. The amount of your payments will be based on your wage statements. If your wage statement is incorrect (Form UB-107), you can file a wage protest with employment services.

Payments and Tax Liabilities

Those receiving unemployment payments form the Arizona Department of Economic Security can choose to have them direct deposited via ACH to a personal checking or savings account. You can also select the option of receiving an Electronic Payment Card (EPC) issued by Bank of America. The EPC works just like a debit card.

Recipients of unemployment payments are liable for federal and state taxes. When you sign and return your Certificate of Understanding you’ll be provided the option of having 10% of your benefit payment withheld for federal taxes and 10% of the federal deduction amount withheld to cover state tax liabilities.

Arizona Unemployment Insurance Program

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