How To Apply For Unemployment In Connecticut

Unemployment benefits claims in the State of Connecticut cannot be filed by phone, only online. Claims are administered by the Connecticut Department of Labor (DOL) and the unemployment maximum weekly payment, effective October 6, 2019, is $649 per week. Additional information is provided on this page or by clicking the following links:

Claimants must be unemployed, available for work, and physically able to accept a new position if offered. You must also be registered with the American Job Center before you can file an unemployment insurance claim with the Connecticut Department of Labor.

Filing Your Unemployment Insurance Claim

If you’re unable to file online from home, visit one of the physical American Job Center locations and you’ll be able to do it there. If you are filing online from another location, make sure you have your social security number and separation package (pink slip). If you have not been provided a separation package, you can file without it.

Military personnel will need a Form DD-214 and federal employees will need to provide a Form SF-8 and a copy of their most recent pay stub. The federal government does not report earnings to the Connecticut Department of Revenue, so these forms are essential if you expect to receive Unemployment Insurance payouts.

Weekly Claims and Payout Methods

In order to maintain eligibility, you must file a weekly claim online. The form for the weekly claim, and all other forms from Connecticut DOL, are available in both English and Spanish. Claimants will be required to document job search activity when filing their weekly claim, so be prepared. You can access the site for filing weekly claims by Clicking Here.

Payments can be received by ACH to personal checking account or by a KeyBank Debit Card provided by the CDOL. These are the ONLY two methods used for the Department of Labor. Applicants are informed on the main DOL website that any offers for outside debit cards they are solicited for are not generated by the Department of Labor.

Part-Time Workers and Pension Beneficiaries

If you’ve been laid off from a full-time job and can only find part-time work, you can still collect unemployment benefits, but the payouts will be reduced by up to 2/3 of your current benefit payment, based on your part-time income. You’re still required to seek full-time employment while collecting the modified unemployment insurance benefit payment.

If you’re collecting a pension before filing for unemployment, you must report the pension payments. Your unemployment insurance benefit payment will be pro-rated based on the amount of the pension payment that is being contributed by the employer. If you start to receive pension payments while collecting unemployment, you’re obligated to report them.

Self-Terminations and Firings

If you quit your job or get fired, you’re typically NOT eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. There are some exceptions and claims have been approved in these situations, but the reasons for separation must prove the claimant not at fault in the termination. If you feel you had good reason to quit or felt you were unjustifiably fired, you can request a hearing if you’re denied unemployment benefits.

Connecticut Unemployment Insurance Program

  •  Coronavirus update: Connecticut is providing updates on Unemployment Insurance changes related to COVID-19 here: Visit Website
  •  To file a UI claim online: Visit Website
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