How To Apply For Unemployment In Delaware

The Division of Unemployment Insurance at the Delaware Department of Labor is the entity that handles all unemployment claims in the state. To be eligible for unemployment, you must be out of work, physically able to work, and looking for a new job. Have your social security number and employment history on hand when you begin the filing process. Use the following links to learn more or begin filing your claim:

New unemployment insurance claims cannot be filed by telephone in the State of Delaware, but weekly benefits on an open claim can be submitted by using the TeleBenefits feature on the DOL Division of Unemployment Insurance website.

Filing Requirements and Payout Methods

Once a claim is opened, your payout amount will be calculated based on your average weekly income from your immediately previous employer. After a processing period of two to four weeks, you’ll start receiving weekly unemployment insurance benefits payments. To continue receiving those payments you’ll need to file a weekly request for payment.

Payout methods include ACH to a personal checking or savings account at your bank or credit union. You can also opt to receive funds on a prepaid debit card, issued by US Bank, and approved for use by the State of Delaware. The US Bank card works like any other debit card and can be used for purchases, cash withdrawals, or cash back at supermarkets.

Physically Able to Work and Currently Job Searching

If you are not physically able to work, you should be seeking disability payments and not unemployment insurance benefits. Most employers have short and long-term disability programs in place. You can also apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration at the federal level, if you’re eligible.

When filing weekly requests for payments from the Division of Unemployment Insurance, you’ll be required to confirm your status as an unemployed worker and submit a report of any job search activity you’ve had. Seeking a new position is mandatory while collecting unemployment benefits. Refusing a job offered to you while collecting may result in termination of benefits.

Employment Resources and Training

The Delaware Department of Labor offers a number of resource links on their website to assist you in finding a new job or training for a better job. There are also certifications and programs available for legal alien workers, unemployed veterans, and disconnected youth. Use the links below to access these services for yourself or your employer.

The Delaware Department of Labor also administers Worker’s Compensation claims for those who have been injured or sickened by illness while on the job.

Download the Claimant Handbook

Additional information on the Division of Unemployment Insurance and how to file an unemployment insurance benefits claim can be found in the Claimant Handbook, which is available online at the Delaware Department of Labor website. You can also access a pdf version of it here by clicking This Link.

Delaware Unemployment Insurance Program

  •   Delaware has multiple means of filing an Unemployment Claim Online: Paper Application: Coronavirus update: Delaware is providing updates on Unemployment Insurance changes related to COVID-19 here: Visit Website
  •  To file a UI claim online: Visit Website
  •  General Information about the Unemployment Insurance Program: Visit Website

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