How To Apply For Unemployment In Indiana

If you need to file an unemployment insurance benefits claim in the State of Indiana, go to the website for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD). You’ll find all the information and access information there to get your claim started right away. There are no options to file by phone or in-person in Indiana, so use the links below:

Make sure you have documented work history, your social security number, an Indiana Driver’s License of State ID, and contact information for any former employers. You’ll also need a valid email address to register on the DWD Uplink employment site.

Instructions for Filing an Unemployment Insurance Claim

Read the following instructions carefully and download the DWD Claimant Handbook before filing your claim. Here are the first few steps you should be prepared for:

  1. Register with Uplink
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Enter valid ID, social security number, and personal contact info
  4. Enter employers contact info, dates of employment, and reason for leaving
  5. Add a bank routing and account number for direct deposit

If you don’t have a personal bank account to send funds to, or would prefer another alternative, you can request a Key2Benefits Prepaid Mastercard to receive payments.  

Submitting Weekly Vouchers

Once your online account has been set up and your claim has been approved, you’ll be required to submit weekly vouchers to confirm your unemployment status. You’ll be required to report any income you may have received during that week and confirm that you’ve been actively searching for a new job. Vouchers should be filed every week, including the one-week waiting period for first payment and during any disputes or appeals.

Terms, Conditions, and Payment Amounts

The State of Indiana uses a simple formula to calculate your unemployment insurance weekly benefit amounts. It’s calculated using the total income from your base period, which is the first four of the last five quarters you received insured wages. Those wages are added, divided by 52, then multiplied by .47 to come up with your weekly benefit amount.

The total number of weeks you can receive unemployment insurance benefits on a claim is twenty-six weeks. To receive a payment each week, you must submit a voucher to Uplink before 8:59 PM on Saturday of the previous week. Extensions beyond the twenty-six-week period are not currently available in the State of Indiana.

Job Search and Employment Assistance Programs

Recipients of unemployment insurance benefits payments are required to search for a new job while they are collecting. The Department of Workforce Development provides a number of resources to assist you in your endeavors. Foremost among those is the Indiana Career Ready program, which can link you to available job listings and educational opportunities.

If you’re struggling financially, even with unemployment insurance benefits, visit one of the many WorkOne locations throughout the state. Staff members at WorkOne can help you find job training programs for a better position and connect you to financial resources offered at the state and federal level to help you get through your difficult economic situation.

Indiana Unemployment Insurance Program

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