How To Apply For Unemployment In Kentucky

The Office of Unemployment Insurance is where you want to go to file an unemployment insurance benefits claim in the State of Kentucky. Claims are filed on days designated by the first letter of your last name: Sunday (A-D); Monday (E-H); Tuesday (I-L); Wednesday (M-P); Thursday (Q-U); Friday (V-Z). Use the information below to get started:

You’ll be asked to provide personal and employer information when you file your initial claim, so make sure you have employer contact information, dates of employment, and reason for separation of employment ready before you begin.

Filing Your Initial Unemployment Insurance Benefits Claim

You can file an unemployment insurance claim with the Office of Unemployment Insurance either online or by phone. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • SSN or Alien Registration Number
  • Your Current Mailing Address
  • Contact Info for Employers in the Past Eighteen Months
  • Date your Started Each Job
  • Date Each Job Ended

You’ll also be required to register with the Kentucky Career Center and provide proof of job search opportunities you’ve pursued while collecting unemployment. This information must be submitted when you file bi-weekly claims to continue receiving UI benefits payments.

Additional Information You May Need

In addition to the information above, you may also be asked to provide wage history from any out-of-state employment and temp agency work. If you’re a federal government employee, you’ll need to submit the agency name, component name, and Standard Form SF-8 or SF-50. The federal government does not share income information with the State of Kentucky, so these forms are essential to calculate the amount of your weekly benefit payment.

If you’re separating from the military, have your DD-214 Member 4 form on hand as proof of legal discharge. Union members should be prepared to submit their Union Hall number and address, along with the name of the most recent contractor you’ve received wages from. Cash only and “under-the-table” employees are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

Kentucky Career Centers Jobs and Education Opportunities

The Office of Unemployment Insurance has partnered with the Kentucky Career Centers to provide you an opportunity to search for new employment and further your education. You are required to register with the Kentucky Career Centers when you file your initial unemployment insurance benefits claim. You can access the registration page by clicking This Link.

Begin the registration process by uploading or creating a resume, then use the “Job Matching” feature to find available job opportunities that best match your experience and skill set. You can search for jobs based on industry, occupation, education level, and salary requirements. You can also sort by physical limitations and exclude certain job classes if you choose.

Many unemployed workers choose to pursue higher education while collecting unemployment insurance weekly benefits. It’s a good time to get additional job training or register for college classes to earn a degree. Resources and links to additional information on educational opportunities are available on the KCC Career Explorer Page

Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Program

  •  Coronavirus update: Kentucky is providing updates on Unemployment Insurance changes related to COVID-19 here: Visit Website
  •  To file a UI claim online: Visit Website
  •  General Information about the Unemployment Insurance Program: Visit Website

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