How To Apply For Unemployment In Maryland

Visit the Maryland Department of Labor Division of Unemployment Insurance website to file an unemployment insurance benefits claim online. Have your social security number, work history, and names and birth dates of any dependent children available when you file your claim. The links and content below contain additional information:

You’ll need to provide proof of identity in the form of a Maryland State Driver’s License, Maryland State ID, Passport, or Alien Registration Card. If you’re separating from the military, present your DD-214. Federal government employees need to provide a Form-50 or SF-8.

Filing for a UI Claim by Phone

The State of Maryland actually conducts most unemployment insurance business by telephone. If you are filing a claim for the first time and would prefer the telephone system over the online submission, and live inside Baltimore City Limits, call (410) 949-0022. Outside of Baltimore, but inside Maryland, call (800) 827-4839. If you want to check the status of a claim or payments, use the phone number below that corresponds to your county of residence.

  • College Park Claim Center: (301) 313-8000
  • Cumberland Claim Center: (301) 723-2000
  • Salisbury Claim Center: (410) 334-6800
  • Towson Claim Center: (410) 853-1600

Heavy call volume during times of high unemployment may lead to longer waits during the initial unemployment insurance claim period. For best results, use the online system.

Unemployment Payment Amounts and Term of Contract

Your weekly payment amount is calculated by adding all of your wages for a “base period” of the four quarters immediately prior to the current quarter. The higher your income was during those quarters, the more you can expect to receive in your weekly unemployment insurance benefits payment. The current minimum weekly payment is $50. The maximum is $430.

If you worked outside of the State of Maryland during the base period, you can apply those wages to your base period total. If you’re not eligible under these base period guidelines, an “alternate base period” of the last four quarters you worked will be established and your weekly benefits payment will be calculated based on those quarters. 

Weekly Claims Schedule and Requirements

You are required to file a weekly claim with the Division of Unemployment and register for work search at the Maryland Workforce Exchange. This is the website for the Maryland Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning (DWDAL). When you file your weekly claims, you will be required to provide proof that you’ve been searching for work and re-confirm that you’re still unemployed, but ready and able to work if a job is available.

Failure to file a weekly claim will result in the closing of your claim. If you are re-hired by your former employer, your claim will close, but you can re-open it if you become unemployed again within one year of your initial unemployment benefits claim. Maryland State law allows you to receive a maximum of twenty-six weeks unemployment payments during that one-year period.

Maryland Unemployment Insurance Program

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