How To Apply For Unemployment In Nebraska

Before filing an unemployment insurance claim with the Nebraska Department of Labor, make sure you have your social security number, home mailing address, telephone number, email address, name of the county you live in, and a valid driver’s license or state identification card. Additional information, links, and instructions are below:

You’ll also need to provide company names and employer contact info for all companies you’ve worked for in the past eighteen months. Include W2’s, 1099’s, and Form DD-214 if you’re separating from the United States Military. SF-8 or SF-50 will be needed by federal employees.

When and How to File Your Unemployment Insurance Claim

File a new unemployment insurance claim as soon as you know your employment end date. Don’t delay because you will be required to sit through a one week “waiting period” before collecting your first weekly payment. For best results, file your unemployment claim online using the NEworks Claimant Portal. You can also file by phone or in person.

Claims can take up to twenty-one days to process. Once you file your initial claim, you’ll be required to file weekly requests for payment, even when you’re still waiting for your claim to be processed. These weekly submissions confirm that you’re able and willing to work, still unemployed, and searching for a new job. Job search is required to collect UI benefits.

Weekly Benefits Amount and Payment Methods

The amount of your weekly benefits payment will be calculated based on the highest quarter of earnings in your base period. The base period is the first four of the last five quarters you worked. The highest quarter will be divided by thirteen to get your average weekly wage and that number will be divided by two to determine your weekly UI benefit payment. We’ve included an example below to help you figure it out:

  • Your highest paying quarter was $6500
  • $6500 divided by 13 = $500 per week
  • Divide $500 by two and you get a UI weekly payment of $250

The maximum number of weeks you can receive an unemployment insurance benefits payment is twenty-six. No extensions are currently available in Nebraska. You can receive your weekly payment by direct deposit to your checking or savings account or on a ReliaCard Visa Debit Card from US Bank. You can request the debit card when you file your initial claim.

Minimum Earnings and Eligibility Requirements

There is a minimum earnings requirement for you to be eligible for unemployment. You need to have made at least $4,324 total wages during your base period, with at least $1,850 in one quarter and $800 in another. For wages to be qualified for your base period, your employer must be a regular contributor to the unemployment insurance fund.

If you’re fired from a job for misconduct, you’re likely not eligible for unemployment. Your employer pays the bill for unemployment, so it’s unlikely they will approve a claim for you. Voluntary quits are also not eligible, nor are “cash only” workers.

Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Program

  •  To check the status or get information on your claim: Coronavirus update: Nebraska is providing updates on Unemployment Insurance changes related to COVID-19 here: Visit Website
  •  To file a claim by telephone number: Visit Website
  •  To file a UI claim online: Visit Website
  •  General Information about the Unemployment Insurance Program: Visit Website

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