How To Apply For Unemployment In Nevada

The online claim filing system for Nevada Unemployment Insurance provides unemployed workers in Nevada a simple way to file and maintain a UI benefits claim. If you do not have access to a computer at home, you can visit a Nevada Job Connect office and use their computers there. Use the links below to get started:

You can also open an unemployment insurance claim by calling (775) 684-0350 if you’re in Northern Nevada or (702) 486-0350 if you’re in Southern Nevada. Claimants from rural areas or out of state can call (888) 890-8211. Wait times on the phone can be long, so online submission is recommended. Phone claims can only be filed Monday – Wednesday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Eligibility Requirements for your Initial UI Claim

You’ll be asked to provide personal information and documentation of your recent work history when you file your initial claim. Have the following ready:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Current Address and Phone Number
  • Wage History going back Eighteen Months
  • Contact Info for Former Employers (Going Back 18 months)
  • Form DD-214 (Military Personnel Only)

You’ll also need a valid email address if you’re filing online, along with the routing and account number for your personal checking or savings account to receive payments.

Weekly Claim Requirements

Once you’ve opened your initial unemployment insurance claim, you’ll need to register with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation, and submit a weekly claim if you want to continue receiving payments. One of the state requirements for unemployed workers collecting UI benefits is “work search.” You’ll need to provide proof that you’re looking for work each week when you submit your weekly claim.

You’ll notice on your initial claim and on weekly submissions that you’ll be asked if you’re “willing and able” to work if employment is offered. If a job in your field with a comparable wage comes along, you must take it. Refusal can lead to closure of your claim. If you’re physically unable to work, you should report that also. There are state and federal programs where you can request assistance if you have a disability.

Disqualifications and Appeals Process

You can be disqualified from receiving unemployment insurance benefits if you’ve been fired from your job for disciplinary reasons or have voluntarily quit. Exceptions to this rule are scenarios where the firing was unjustified or the voluntary quit was the result of abuse or unrealistic expectations on the job. If you’re denied unemployment benefits and feel you should be entitled to them, you have eleven days to file an appeal in writing.

Refusing a job offer or submitting false information on your weekly claim submission can also result in disqualification. You have no right to appeal in either of these situations. Refusal of work is a violation of your unemployment insurance agreement with the State of Nevada and submitting false information is insurance fraud, punishable by fine or imprisonment. 

Nevada Unemployment Insurance Program

  •  Coronavirus update: Nevada is providing updates on Unemployment Insurance changes related to COVID-19 here: Visit Website
  •  To file a claim by telephone number: Visit Website
  •  General Information about the Unemployment Insurance Program: Visit Website

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