How To Apply For Unemployment In Oklahoma

Instructions and additional information about how to file an unemployment insurance benefits claim in Oklahoma can be found on the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission website. Claimant options include online submission or submission by phone. You must have a documented history of recently working in Oklahoma to be qualified. See below:

Completing the initial unemployment claim application may take as long as an hour, so leave yourself plenty of time to complete the process. If you close the online window before you complete the application, you may need to start over. 

Gather the Proper Documentation before Beginning

Before starting the unemployment insurance initial claim process, gather all the information and documents you’ll need to complete the applications. They include:

  • Social Security Number (for identity verification)
  • Your Complete Contact Information (including email)
  • Oklahoma Driver’s License or Oklahoma State ID Card
  • Alien Registration Number for Non-Citizens
  • Former Employer Contact Information and Wage History
  • Start and End Dates for Previous Jobs in the Past Eighteen Months

Military personnel and former federal government employees are required to produce official separation and income documentation (DD-214 for military, SF-50 or SF-8 for federal). Income requirement for filing is at least $1500 during your base period (12 months).

Next Steps after Filing Your Initial Unemployment Insurance Claim

After you complete the application and file your claim, your next step is to register for job search at Work search, unless specifically waived by the OESC, is mandatory when you’re collecting unemployment insurance benefits payments. OK Job Match is an online place where you can look for a job or sign up for college or job training.

You can receive your weekly unemployment insurance benefits payments by direct deposit, or you can request a debit card from the OESC. Debit cards will normally be delivered in 7-10 days. You can set up direct deposit when you file your initial claim or call (866) 320-8699 and enter your bank account numbers using the automated phone system menu there.

TAA/TRA Federal Assistance Programs

The federal government instituted a program in 2006 called Trade Adjustment Assistance. If your company has closed or downsized and the loss of your job can be directly attributed to foreign competition, you may be eligible for this program. It kicks in after your state unemployment benefits run out and can provide additional weekly benefits for 52 weeks. There are also relocation funds available if you have to move to secure new employment.

To fulfill the requirements of the Trade Adjustment Allowance program, you must enroll in school or job training that will help you find a job in a field that is currently hiring. Your attendance and progress in these programs will be monitored and you must submit an application for the program within sixteen weeks of getting laid off by your former employer. TAA is a federal program, not an OESC program, so federal guidelines and rules apply.

Oklahoma Unemployment Insurance Program

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