How To Apply For Unemployment In Texas

The Texas Workforce Commission provides an online portal for job seekers and employers. You can file your unemployment insurance claim and bi-weekly payment requests there. You must have a history of employment in the State of Texas and be a US citizen or registered legal alien to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits. More information follows below:

If you’d prefer to file your unemployment insurance claim by phone, call (800) 939-6631. Online filing is faster and more efficient, so please make it your first option. You may be subjugated to long hold times at the Tele-Center. Additional information is available on the website.

Wage Calculation and Weekly Benefits Amount

After you’ve filed an initial unemployment insurance claim, the amount of your weekly benefits payment will be calculated based on the wages you received during your qualifying base period, which is the four quarters preceding the quarter which most recently ended. Your weekly benefits amount will be a percentage of your average weekly pay during that period.

You must be able to show insured wages were earned inside the State of Texas during your benefit period. You can also combine wages from out of state, provided you meet the in-state requirement. Individuals separating from the military should have been issued a Form DD-214 which you will need to submit with your initial claim.

Documentation Needed to File a Weekly Claim

The State of Texas treats unemployment fraud as a serious crime, so you must present proper documentation of your citizenship status, legal address, and work history to qualify for unemployment benefits. Collect the following documents before applying for benefits:

  • Your Social Security Card
  • Your Texas Driver’s License or State ID Card
  • Your W2 and/or 1099 from Last Year
  • Your Most Recent Pay Stub

Additional documentation will be needed for military personnel and individuals separating from federal employment. Unemployment insurance claims cannot be denied for any discriminatory reason such as age, race, religion, or sexual identity. Disqualifications are subject to appeal.

Searching for New Employment or Reemployment

If you’re collecting unemployment insurance benefits payments, you are required to search for work and keep work search logs which may be requested by the Texas Workforce Commission at any time during your unemployment period. You’ll also be required to submit work search notification forms (BI940) when you file your weekly claims for benefits.

The number of qualified work search attempts that will be required will be determined when you file your initial unemployment insurance benefits claim. That number will be included on your confirmation documentation, which you’ll receive in the mail. Failure to meet the required number of work searches stated will result in the closure of your claim, ending payments.

The work search requirement may be waived during periods when no employment is available in your field. You will be notified in your acceptance letter if that is the case. You should, however, continue to look for work. Unemployment insurance benefits payments can only be received for a short time and are only a percentage of what you could make on the job.

Texas Unemployment Insurance Program

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