How To Apply For Unemployment In Vermont

All unemployment insurance benefits claims in the State of Vermont are processed through the Vermont Department of Labor. To qualify, you’ll need to verify your identity and show a documented wage history in the State of Vermont. You’ll find the links below to be helpful in filing your initial claim and understanding unemployment insurance guidelines.

Identity verification can be done with a social security number and Vermont State Driver’s License. You can also use an alien registration card or Vermont State ID Card. Wage verification should be done with W2’s, 1099’s, and most recent paystubs.

Calculating Your Weekly Benefit Amount

Your weekly benefit amount (WBA) is calculated using what is known as a “base period.” The base period is the first four of the last five calendar quarters that you received wages in. Wages from the two highest paying quarters in that base period are added together and divided by forty-six to determine what your weekly benefits payment will be. Here’s an example:

  • Q1 = $6500
  • Q2 = $6000
  • Q3 = $7000
  • Q4 = $7000
  • Q3 and Q4 added together = $14,000
  • $14,000 divided by 46 = $304.35

Your weekly benefit payment would be $304.35. You can collect that for up to twenty-six weeks or until your total benefits collected equals 46% of your total base period wages.

Filing Weekly Claims and Work Search Requirement

In order to maintain eligibility, you’re required to file weekly claims with the Department of Labor. You’ll need your social security number and PIN that you set up when you filed your initial claim. The questions asked on the weekly claims report are mainly regarding your availability for work, any work search activity, and any wages collected during the week.

Work search while you’re collecting unemployment insurance benefits payments is a requirement. You must submit at least three qualified job search reports each week when you file your weekly claim. Failure to do so could result in an interruption or possible closure of your unemployment insurance benefits claim. If you are offered a job while collecting benefits, you are obligated to take it if it’s is comparable to the position you were laid off from.

Find a Job at Vermont JobLink

The Vermont Department of Labor provides an online job portal resource where you can search for work or find job training and educational opportunities. Vermont JobLink is a free service where you can upload your resume, create an online profile, search for jobs, and receive job alerts. It also tracks all activity and can be your confirmation of job search when you file weekly claims reports. It is strongly recommended that you sign up when you file your first claim.

Vermont also has Career Resource Centers (CRC’s) located throughout the state. CRC’s are drop-in centers where you can meet with career counselors and attend events that will help you get to know the employers who are hiring and the educational programs available for you to improve your job skills. Visit the CRC Page on the Vermont DOL website to learn more.

Vermont Unemployment Insurance Program

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