How To Apply For Unemployment In West Virginia

The State of West Virginia has set up a site called WorkForce West Virginia to provide unemployed workers an online location to file unemployment insurance claims. The processes of initial filing, weekly claims, and appeals have been laid out on the site in detail for your benefit. Additional resources and relevant information are listed below:

The physical office locations and mailing addresses for WorkForce West Virginia are listed on their Contact Page. Review the website before attempting to call for support. The answers to your questions are likely there. Wait times for a live telephone operator could be extensive.

Qualifying Criteria for an Unemployment Insurance Claim

There are minimum work and wage requirements before you become eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. You must have worked in at least two of the first four or the past five quarters to establish a base period. Minimum wages received during that period must have been at least $2000 and you must have received wages in at least two quarters of that base period. You’ll need the following to verify your identity:

  • West Virginia State ID or Driver’s License
  • Valid Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number
  • Form DD-214 if Discharging from the Military

All wages reported in your base period have to be from employers who paid into the unemployment insurance benefits fund. You also must be able and available to work while you’re collecting weekly benefits payments and continue to look for work.

Collecting Your Weekly Benefits Payment

After you’ve filed your initial claim, you’ll be required to file a weekly claim to start receiving unemployment benefits. There is a mandatory one week waiting period in which you will not receive a payment, but you still need to file your weekly claim for that week. You’ll be asked to verify your status as partially or fully unemployed and provide proof of job search activity.

You can receive your weekly benefits payment by direct deposit to a personal checking or savings account. To do that, you’ll have to provide your bank routing number and your account number for funds to be delivered. You also have the option of receiving funds on a Key2Benefits debit card that you can apply for when you file your initial claim.

Work Search Requirement and Job Training

There is a requirement when you’re collecting unemployment insurance benefits that you search for work and accept any full-time work offered. The UI Benefits Fund is an employer-funded insurance policy that you can draw on for a limited time while out of work. It’s not meant to be permanent and you are expected to find a new job if possible.

WorkForce West Virginia doesn’t just handle unemployment claims. You can also search and apply for jobs on the site by going to the Job Seekers page. All claimants are required to register here and upload or create a resume. This is for your convenience, as the site will track any job search activity for you to file along with your weekly claims. There are also resources and links on the site to job training and educational programs.

West Virginia Unemployment Insurance Program

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