How To Apply For Unemployment In Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is the governing body for all unemployment insurance claims in the State of Wyoming. To qualify, you must be at least eighteen years old and have a valid social security number and Wyoming State Driver’s License or ID card. Additional information is below, along with some helpful links to get you started.

Filing your unemployment insurance claim online through the WYUI Claimant Portal is recommended, but if you’re unable or don’t have access to a computer, you can file by phone at (307) 473-3789 or (866) 729-7799 if you’re out of state.

Determining Your Weekly Payment Amount

How much, exactly, will you receive as a weekly benefits payment from unemployment insurance? That number is calculated by looking back at the wages you received in the first four of the last five quarters you worked. This time frame is known as your “base period” and you’ll need to have made a certain amount during that period and have worked in-state for at least some of those wages. To ensure your initial claim goes smoothly, do the following:

  • Have your W2 or 1099 available when you file
  • Have your most recent paystub available
  • Have a list of all employers for the past eighteen months

You have to file a weekly claim to get your money. In that claim, you’ll need to report any wages you earned that week. If you’ve taken self-employment wages, you can deduct any expenses you incurred while earning those wages. Your net wages will then be deducted from your weekly benefits payment. If they exceed that payment, you’re no longer eligible to receive weekly benefits, so make sure the income is sustainable before you take a position.

Mandatory Work Search Requirement

All claimants collecting unemployment insurance benefits are required to search for work and accept any full-time job offers they are presented with. The UI Benefits fund is not a replacement for your regular income. It’s a subsidy, paid for by employers, to help you get to the next phase of your professional career. Think of it as a “helping hand.”

To assist you in your job search efforts, the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has included a page on Employment and Training. You can use it to look up phone numbers and addresses for Workforce Centers across the state. These centers are physical locations where you can obtain job training and career counseling to help you get back to work quickly.

Beware of Identity Theft when Filing Your Claim

Take precautions when you’re filing your unemployment insurance claims or weekly reports. Public coffee shops and internet cafes are not secure locations. It’s too easy for would-be hackers and identity thieves to record your activity. Remember, everyone has a cell-phone camera now. Thieves use them to steal information. When you file claims and reports, or do anything else with personal information, use a private computer whenever possible.

Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Program

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